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Our Story

Anais Martinez a.k.a. The Curious Mexican wanted to share her love for all-things Mexico through a network of true experts in Mexican food (from our favorite taqueros, to the young entrepreneurs in the food industry, and the traditional producers from the area), we will show you the real side of our gastronomy, the daily basis at the markets, kitchens and streets of Mexico. We are sure the only way to grow is building a stronger community together.

Why us?

· You’re going to meet the real characters of the mexican food scene (cooks, chefs, producers, entrepreneurs) without them, Devoured wouldn't exist. · You are actually making a positive impact in the city’s economy. We don’t make “special deals” with our vendors, they get payed what’s fair plus you can donate directly to them when booking. · Authentic experiences. Learn about the traditional cooking techniques and the process behind the delicacies our country has to offer… this is more than just good bites and instagrammable spots.

Meet the Devoured team

We are fun group of passionate people. Although we have different backgrounds we’re united by the love of food (and tacos).

Our Mexico City Guides

Anais Martinez

Founder / Lead Guide
In love with blue corn tlacoyos and always down to meet a new taco place. Owner of The Curious Mexican blog where she shares her love of food and travel in Mexico
nanae watabe

Nanae Watabe

Lead Guide
Half Mexican, half Japanese and our own personal mushroom queen. In love with Mexico City's food scene, great wines and her lovely dog Mirin.

Monica Favila

Lead Guide
In her words: "Food is the heart of Mexico and Mezcal is the soul, street food tradition and I’ll happily try it all".

Elizabeth Buner

Became a Mexico City dweller over a decade ago and has been fiercely studying its culture, traditions and foods ever since.

Víctor Gamboa

Xochimilco Guide
Our expert in Xochimilco and its amazing chinampas. Avid taco eater and will always welcome you with the biggest smile.

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We’ve joined the movement to reshape the Future of Tourism! We are excited to announce that Devoured Mexico has signed the new set of Guiding Principles launched by the Future of Tourism Coalition. As a signatory, we commit to place destination needs at the center of our recovery strategies and do our part to build a better tomorrow for travel and tourism. Learn more at www.futureoftourism.org. #FutureofTourism

Mexican Owned•Socially Concious•Women Run