Agave Tales & Mezcal Stories

Happy Hour Friendly 1 Hour Stay at Home

A Mexican Experience At Home

Let's learn about the vast world of agave, Mezcal, Tequila an other traditional Mexican spirits. Omar Trejo major Mezcal connoiseur and owner of 2 Mezcal shops, will be your host and for this online experience. He's the owner of not one but 2 mezcal and spirits stores in Mexico City and Oaxaca City and his speciality is drinking while teaching about Mezcal origins, traditions, process and methods! We will also have the presence of Mezcal expert Julia Cuthbertson owner of Just Maguey directly from Brooklyn!

For this experience you can bring out that bottle of Mezcal you want to know more about!!

By joining any of these activities you're supporting people who lost their jobs during COVID 19.

We'll also be donating a part of the earnings towards HUACAL.
A project that brings boxes of fresh food to people in the front lines or in need.

What's Included

With the price of your ticket you'll help out people who have lost their jobs due to COVID19.

Meet the PROs

In all experiences you'll get to meet a food professional. Someone who is very passionate about their craft and who is ready to share their knowledge with you.


If booked in advanced we can help you out finding those special Mexican ingredients you need in your cupboard.

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