Cacao Galore

Single Serving Sessions:

Only 18+ 1 Hour

For those looking to learn more about the vast world of agave, Mezcal, Tequila, Bacanora and other traditional Mexican spirits. Omar Trejo, major Mezcal connoisseur and owner of 2 mezcal shops in Oaxaca and Mexico City, will be your host and for this unique session. His speciality? Sourcing spirits directly from small producers around the country and sharing knowledge, facts, history and details about Mezcal origins, traditions, producers and ancient process

What's Included

Fully bilingual host, a 5 step artisanal spirit tasting

Single Serving Sessions

A collection of shorter experiences with carefully chosen collaborators who share similar values, that strengthen our traditions and spread knowledge about ingredients, techniques and our culinary heritage.

A Mexican-women-owned & socially conscious Culinary Experiences Company.
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