Eat up / Drink up

Eat Up / Drink Up

Only 18+ 3.5 - 4 Hours Max 6 People

An amazing experience for those who want great tacos and learning about the world of Mexican spirits.

Tacos, tacos and more tacos! Those who come on this experience will get to learn about some agave-based beverages from the people who love and have made their life around it. All while we have great bites, street food & of course tacos! - Recommended for meat eaters. Vegetarians will normally have to skip 1 stop but will still end up being quite full -


Just to give you an idea of what this experience entails

6:30 PM - Condesa
We’ll meet in a really classic spot in the heart of Condesa.
This precious liquid will definitely make a stellar appearance in our evening journey. We’ll learn more about it, we’ll try different kinds and you’ll feel like a mezcal connoisseur by the end.
Late night tacos
After sunset a a wide variety of tacos will appear around the city. Of course we’ll get to know the history behind each dish and establishment.

What's Included

With the price of your ticket you'll help us keep working with our sustainable tourism philosophy, as well as the fair wages for our guides and their continuous education.

Meet the Pros

In all tours you'll get to meet a food professional. Someone who is very passionate about their craft and who is ready to share their knowledge with you.


Our guides are constantly learning about Mexico's culinary roots, food culture and going around the city in search for the next best taco.

Foods & Drink

All foods, drinks and transport is included. We know enough places with great food to keep going until you feel satisfied!

Want to be a part of this edible adventure?
A Mexican-women-owned & socially conscious Culinary Tour Company.
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