A Special Day at Xochimilco

Vegetarian Friendly 4 Hours Open Areas

A special meal at Xochimilco

On this experience you will get to float around the Xochimilco canals and enjoy an amazing mezcal tasting followed by a very special farm to table meal inspired in one of the most important Mexican holidays: Day of the dead. Get to know a different side of this impressive UNESCO site, while learning, having incredible food in an open and safe environment. (Due to COVID-19 we only offer pick-up and drop-off at an extra cost. Shoot us an email to get more information)

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Just to give you an idea of what this experience entails

Let's meet in Xochimilco
To avoid being cramped in small areas let us meet directly at the pier. But don’t worry, it’s just a quick 30 min Uber ride from Roma neighborhood.
Boat ride
We’ll learn more about the liveliest neighborhood while we float through boats and eat Mexican snacks.
Chinampas (floating gardens)
We’ll visit a working chinampa where they grow different kinds of produce like foods and flowers.
Mezcal Tasting
Our mezcal expert will join us and delight us with an amazing selection his finest spirit.
Farm to Table
We’ll be able to eat an amazing meal prepared by Rafa Rivera made only with the local produce and inspired by the foods of the most important Mexican Festivity: Day of the dead
Want to be a part of this edible adventure?

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