Conchas with Eliceo

You're making Conchas!

· with Eliceo Lara ·

Thank you so much for joining our Concha Experience!


This is the dough you have to prepare in advance

  • 400 g (3 – 1/4 cups) bread flour (not ideal but can be substituted for all purpose flour in a pinch)
  • 6 g (1 – 1/4 teaspoons) table salt
  • 10 g (1 tablespoon) instant yeast
  • 200 g (1/4 cup + 5 tablespoons) milk (whole milk or your vegetable milk of choice)
  • 2 large eggs (could be substituted for 1/3 cup of applesauce if not available)
  • 7 g (2 teaspoons) vanilla extract
  • 72 g (6 tablespoons) sugar
  • 80 g (1/3 cup) butter (or vegan butter)
  • If kneading with a stand mixer (Kitchen Aid style), use the dough hook. Put all of the ingredients in the mixing bowl making sure you don’t put together the salt and yeast. Keep those two separated for now.
  • Turn on your mixer and knead on low speed for one minute to incorporate all ingredients.
  • Increase only to speed 3 and knead until the dough stops sticking to the sides of the bowl. It will still be sticking to the bottom of the bowl, this is fine. The entire kneading time would depend on your mixer but it should be done in 10 to 15 minutes.
  • This is a very wet dough. Resist the urge of adding more flour to it.
  • Coat a mixing bowl with cooking oil or butter, cover well with plastic wrap or a plastic bag and put in the fridge at least two hours before our session (or up to two days in advance).


If kneading by hand, watch the video below! Detailed instructions in there.

Learn from the expert!

And these are the ingredients you'll need for your live session with Eliceo


  • 100 g (1/2 cup) butter (or vegan butter)
  • 100 g (3/4 cup) powdered or icing sugar
  • 100 g (3/4 cup) all purpose flour (can be substituted for bread flour)
  • 7 g (2 teaspoons) vanilla extract


  • 2 baking sheets that fit in your oven
  • Parchment paper
  • Bench scraper (a big sharp knife can be used if not available)
  • Pairing knife
  • Rolling pin (or a tortilla press if you have available)
  • Mixing bowl

Please do have all the listed tools and the ingredients for the topping ready for our session if you want to bake along! If you have any questions before that, you can find me on Instagram @eliceolara

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