Juarez Highlights

Tue - Sat 3.5 - 4 Hours 8 People max

The new cool neighborhood in town

In the past few years the Juarez neighborhood has witnessed a surprising change. There has been great restaurant openings that are showcasing amazing modern Mexican cuisine lead by young creative chefs. On this tour we’ll discover some unconventional Mexican spirits while sampling great bites and snacks along the way.


Just so you know what this experience entails

2:30 PM - Juarez

Let’s meet in a spot where they’re trying to bring back to life the Mexican classics.

Street Food

A big part of Mexican culture is street food, so of course it will also be making an appereance on this tour.

Mexican Cool Drinks

From beer, fermeted pineaple drinks and chocolate with water, both typical and atypical Mexican sips we’ll be drank.

Creative Cuisine

Young creative chefs are preparing amazing bites with Mexican ingredientes elevating the cuisine to a next level but still respecting traditions and flavors.

What's Included

With the price of your ticket you'll help us keep working with our sustainable tourism philosophy, as well as the fair wages for our guides and their continuous education.

Meet the PROs

In all tours you'll get to meet a food professional. Someone who is very passionate about their craft and who is ready to share their knowledge with you.


Our guides are constantly learning about Mexico's culinary roots, food culture and going around the city in search for the next best taco.

Foods & Drinks

All foods and drinks are included. We know enough places with great food to keep going until you feel satisfied!

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