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Ceremonial dinner and sundown market exploration

We'll learn more about this popular Mexican tradition and we'll celebrate it in a respectful and meaningful way. You'll get to connect with locals who will show you the way each one of us remember our dead relatives. We also want you to contribute building the altar by bringing a photo of someone you loved and has passed or a small meaningful item that reminds you of them, so it can be a part of our altar.


Just to give you an idea of what this collaborative experience entails

7:00 PM - La Flor de Jamaica

We’ll meet in a traditional chile store, this amazing place is going to be our main venue.

Exotic chili cocktail

We’ll get an amazing welcome cocktail made with exotic Mexican chiles

Chocolate and the famous "pan de muerto"

Let’s start with one of the most traditional pairings of the season: chocolate and Day of the dead bread. This with the help of our favourite cacao vendor: La Rifa.

Mercado Jamaica (Flower's market)

We’ll visit one of the most colorful markets of the city where we’ll get to see it in full bloom as people rush to gather flower and other elements needed for the day of the dead celebrations.

Altar, the final touch

By adding some final details to the traditional altar, we’ll learn about this very symbolic tradition.

Feel free to bring pictures or personal belongings of your beloved ones, so we include them in the altar!

Artisanal Mezcal Tasting

Omar from the shop Mis Mezcales will share with us mezcales straight out of his private stash. We’ll learn a little bit more about this precious Mexican spirit.

A very special dinner

We’ll share a meaningful dinner with typical foods we would use on the Day of the dead altar, cooked by different chefs.

Want to be a part of this edible adventure?

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