Answers to some common questions


The best way to get around in Mexico City is UBER. You only have to worry about getting to the meeting points and we'll take it from there!


Please come with an empty stomach as there will be plenty of food along the tour. If you're not full by the end of the tour we'd gladly continue until you are. 😉

What to Bring

Please bring comfortable shoes, stay away from flashy items, big purses or backpacks as well as big camera lenses.

About Mexico City & the tours

How safe is Mexico City?

Most touristy areas of the City are quite safe. So just apply the same precautions and behavior you’d use in any other big city such as London and New York. 

Don’t wear flashy items, don’t show all your money, don’t go into sketchy neighborhoods. You know, use a lot of your common sense. 

Are the tours suitable for vegetarians and/or people allergies?

Most of the tours are suitable for people with certain food restrictions. However if you are a very strict vegetarian or vegan, we cannot assure you 100% that there will be absolutely no animal fat in the food (Mexicans love lard and butter). If you are a little bit more flexible you are more than welcome to join!

Is there a kid-friendly tour?

The tours are designed mainly for older people and because of the alcohol involved in the others, we would only recommend the Good Morning CDMX! to groups with kids. We know there are some adventurous little ones who’d love to explore the markets with us!

Why are these tours more expensive than the AirBnB experiences available in your city?

Our experiences are carefully curated by a team of experts and food lovers; there is a lot of previous research behind each one of our tours in order to give you the authentic yet safe and high quality experience that you deserve.

Besides that, we believe in sustainable tourism; among other things, this means we pay each one of our vendors full price plus a generous tip.

Are there any refunds?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Due to the small-sized tours, we are unable to offer refunds. But if you can’t make it and you let us know in advance, we’d be more than happy to reschedule your outing as long as you give us more than 24 hours notice

What is your policy for no-shows and tardiness?

Things happen! Please contact us if you are running late and we’ll do our best to accommodate you, or let you know where to meet us if we have to start the tour without you. 

If a guest is late to a group tour more than 15 minutes, the tour will start without the guest and they will have to catch up with the guide and accept the loss of time. In the event of a private tour, tardiness in excess of 20 minutes is subject to cancellation without refund nor any recuperation of the tour, we do our best to consider exceptions on a case by case basis. If you booked a group tour and it happened to be you were the only guests on the tour and you are a no-show, the guide will leave after 20 minutes and the tour will be cancelled. 

Are tours cancelled or rescheduled for any reason?

We reserve the right to cancel tours or re-schedule them when no guide is available or in extreme cases. I.e. natural disasters, accidents or severe illness. But we will notify you right away for these rare occurrences in which case you will be re-scheduled and/or refunded.

An Important Note About Photography

We know that today most of us want to keep memories of every single thing, person and bite we bump into and we know our experiences won't be the exception. However, we strongly advice to ask your guide before snapping a pic, we kinda already know who's ok with it and who's not so we would be more than happy to share our info with you. Also, we like to stay away from big cameras and long lenses that would make some of our vendors uncomfortable and may be to tempting for people who love to grab expensive things and run.

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